About Us

Experience Acupuncture was founded by practitioner Ray Ford in 2008. It was Ray’s experience and vision to offer high quality acupuncture treatments to the community at an affordable price that has made us the leading acupuncture service in Sydney. Our combination of highly skilled and experienced practitioners with low treatment prices is the reason our clinics are thriving with many loyal, regular patients.

Treatment take place in a quiet and relaxed group setting.  Following a brief consultation with one of practitioners you will be treated and left to relax for some time to let the needles to stimulate the body's meridians and 'qi' to allow for healing.

Each individual will experience a different sensation at this time, some will feel deeply relaxed, others emotional and some will even experience an enjoyable euphoric feeling. Once your treatment is finished your practitioner will remove the needles and at this time you can any questions or discuss further treatment. It is beneficial to drink plenty of water after your session.

“Together with the correct treatment, it is important to give whole-hearted care and attention to the individual.”

Ray Ford, Founder and Director



Our Treatments

At Experience Acupuncture, we provide high quality,
gentle treatments from highly experienced
practitioners at a price that you can afford.
Save by booking a course of treatments.

Phone: 0429553819 (txt only)
Email: Experience Acupuncture

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